imreadingit blogging at
11-21-05 11:25
lol i guess you can't delete it... but whatever... later guys...
11-21-05 11:12
11-08-05 19:11
le sigh... life is just peachy now...

i doubt it can get any better...

well if i got to see blue eyes daily... then it would get better
why? 10-25-05 21:09
all of this is fucking stupid... it seems imaturity as at an all time high and it never plans to come down.

so much for the world...

its all going to hell apparently.
Oh life... 10-23-05 23:49
i did something really stupid today...

*le sigh*

i don't know what i'm going to do with such travesties..
<3 Daphne Loves Derby 10-21-05 01:05
forgive me but i can't be everything you deserve
and i know it's too late to crawl back to you tonight
but there's a few things that i just need you to know
like the way i felt when you were close
and how the stars exploded every time you are near
and all along you were there
waiting like you said you always would
yeah you said you always would
that woman.... 10-21-05 01:01
LKJDSFLSKJ GOD SHE IS POSSIBLY THE MOST RECKLESS PERSON EVER!!! SHE IS GETTING WORSE THAN LEEEEREEFSLDKFJ... but suprisingly.... she isn't really that reckless but i'm too scared to admit that if she ever got hurt i would want to die...
<3 myspace... lol 10-19-05 15:41
I'm happy XD
asdflkj 10-15-05 21:08
*Insert Generic Title* 10-13-05 00:51
*Insert Generic Sob Story*

*insert bland optimistic outcome*


thats my post.
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